Monthly: December 2012

RB Yoga 2013 Schedule Begins Jan 2

Wednesday, Jan 2 New Schedule Begins! 7am Hatha Sunrise Level 1.5 with Sarah 9am Hatha Level 1 with Jeanne 10:30am Therapeutics with Jeanne 5pm Deep Yoga All Levels with Becky 6:30pm Yoga for the Back with Erin

The Gift of Bonding: Mother – Daughter Workshop

Sunday, January 6, 2013 4:00-5:30pm Cost is $25 per pair Growing up female has many challenges. A strong connection to mom can be the saving grace. The intention of this class is explore and deepen trust and communication in a non-judgmental way. Please bring a pen and journal and come with an open heart. This […]

Yin Yoga with Brooke

Sunday, December 30 from 4-5:30pm.  Allow yourself to slow down and reflect.  Yin Yoga gives us the opportunity and space to slow down, a chance to stay with and observe both our mental and physical experiences. In a Yin Yoga practice, postures are done seated, and held for sustained periods of time (often up to […]