Monthly: August 2015

Awakening Compassion – SOLD OUT

3 Week Wellness Series with Sarah SUNDAYS 2-3:30PM: SEPTEMBER 13, 20, 27 Every moment and every situation presents an opportunity to experience our highest purpose. Beneath our personal stories of pain there is something pulsing – boundless love and a wellspring of compassion. Learning to abide in compassion for self can turn outward as we […]

Yoga Nidra – Sunday, September 13 at 4pm

Discover the Joy and Deep Sense of Well-Being of Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra is a profound form of guided relaxation for people seeking everyday well-being. It can restore your body, senses, mind and allow you to experience tranquility, reduced stress, deep healing and improved sleep. Practiced in a comfortable position, you will be guided to […]