Step Back to Move Forward: Alignment Workshop with Debra

Tuesday, April 25: 12-2pm
When we practice Yoga asana (poses) with awareness and knowledge of healthy alignment, our bodies are more comfortable and at ease, and our practice is safer. Many times, efforts to “go deeper” result in unstable misalignments. Let’s explore the importance of moving mindfully into poses with clearer understanding of which parts of the body are meant to be stable versus mobile. Increase your awareness to improve your alignment. Proper alignment is the foundation of a sustainable Yoga asana practice.

Overcoming Fear with Inversions led by Becky

Saturday, May 13, 1:00-3:30 pm, $35 ($30 if paid by May 10)
When our yoga practice brings us to face our fears, it usually revolves around standing on our hands or head and turning our world upside down.
In this workshop, we will build a strong foundation of the alignments needed in any inversion and build our belief that we can!
As we practice with patience, we will tap into the fear by coming to our edge and moving forward with clarity.
We will also explore the power of Mudra (seal or gesture) as we seek a deeper understanding of the fear that rises within us and how Abhaya Mudra aids us in relinquishing that fear.
This workshop is for students with an intermediate or advanced practice. Not appropriate for beginners or those dealing with severe injuries. Contact to reserve your space.

Spring Equinox Celebration – Break Open to Something New with Jeanne and Terri

Saturday, March 18: 12-2pm

Spring is a transitional season of potent renewal. As the earth awakens from her winter slumber,and explodes with birth and new life, an awakening is replicated in our own lives and we can find renewed energy for things that have slept dormant.

Join us in the power of love & community as we Break Open to Something New! Intention, movement, breath and meditation become the ceremony to more fully align our hearts, bodies and minds with the forces of nature to celebrate Spring’s arrival.

On this potent day of equanimity, we will embrace the radiant energies of Spring that beckon us to contemplate greater health and physical well-being.

All Levels Welcome Preregistration Required Cost: $30 ($25 if paid by March 15). Email: to reserve your space.

Yoga 101 – 4 Week Introduction to Yoga Series with Terri Roberts

Tuesdays, 2-3:30pm, January 10, 17, 24, & 31

Our Yoga 101 course is an empowering introductory series designed to give you a solid foundation of the many aspects and benefits of Yoga. It is a set 4 week course to help you incorporate a regular, weekly Yoga practice into your life. Each week will progressively build to assist you in cultivating an on-going Yoga practice in a small group environment before entering our regular classes.

Yoga is a deeply personal practice. This is an opportunity to ask questions, learn how to use props, and modify poses for your body.
We will explore correct alignment in common poses, breath work, meditation, and yoga philosophy.

We will meet Tuesdays from 2-3:30pm from January 10-31.Cost is $60 for 4 weeks. No refunds or class conversions available due to the closed small group class nature of this specialized series. Thank you for your support and understanding. For more information or to register, email or call 858-746-9644.

Off the Mat: Living with Intention with Terri Roberts

Saturday, January 7 from 12-3pm

The new year is a time of reflection and forward thinking. A time of renewal and resolution. Join Terri Roberts in this afternoon workshop, we will explore living more fully with intention through asana, meditation, discussion, and individual exercises designed to open the heart and fill our deepest desires
with alignment for living.

Cost is $25 if paid before January 3, $30 after January 4. Registration and Pre­ Payment is required. Email or call 858.746.9644 to reserve your space.

Happy Holidays! Holiday Class Schedule through Tuesday, Jan 3

Sunday, January 1, New Year’s Day
10-11:15a Hatha Vinyasa All Levels with Lori
11:30-12:45 Hatha Level 1 with Jeanne

Monday, January 2
9-10:15a Hatha Level 1 with Terri
10:30-11:45a Yoga for the Back with Debra

Tuesday, January 3
9-10:15a Hatha All Levels with Becky
10:30-11:45a Hatha Level 1 with Debra
5-6:15p Yoga for the Back with Debra

Regular Class Schedule Resumes January 4

Theresa Brennan

Theresa Brennan grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her generous and loving parents and four amazing sisters. She has a passion for trail running, skiing, and anything that keeps her outdoors and healthy. She was a gymnast as a young child, and has never stopped doing handstands, cartwheels, and headstands.
When asked what brought her to Yoga, Theresa shares that it was initially the physical benefits of the practice. However, despite her continued love for the physical aspect of Yoga asana, she is quick to clarify that her Yoga path has shifted over the years. Theresa speaks openly about her spiritual connection to the practice, which includes not only taking classes at Rancho Bernardo Yoga for 11 years with her husband Sean, but also daily meditation and consistent self-study. Off the mat, Yoga has helped Theresa get through difficult times, has made her more patient, conscious and at ease with who she is. Even with a full-time career at a local health media corporation, Theresa made time in 2013 to study intensively with Jeanne Stone, earning her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from RB Yoga.
Anyone who knows Theresa Brennan knows that she is intelligent and thoughtful, and she is a lot of fun. Theresa’s joyful dedication to the union of mind, body and spirit is apparent in the Intermediate Hatha Vinyasa classes that she teaches on Thursday nights at RB Yoga. Theresa recommends people who are thinking about starting a Yoga practice to enjoy whatever the practice brings you be it strength, flexibility or getting to know yourself better.

Wooden Dowel Three Week Myofascial Series with Jeanne – SOLD OUT

SATURDAYS DECEMBER 3, 10, 17 11:30-12:30 PM

Using a wooden dowel we will gently release and rehydrate muscle tissue. Pre-registration required. Space is Limited. Cost is $45 for all three weeks. If space is available you may register for a single session $20. Call 858-746-9644 OR EMAIL Jeanne@RBYOGA.COM for information or to reserve your space.