Overcoming Fear with Inversions led by Becky

Saturday, May 13, 1:00-3:30 pm, $35 ($30 if paid by May 10)
When our yoga practice brings us to face our fears, it usually revolves around standing on our hands or head and turning our world upside down.
In this workshop, we will build a strong foundation of the alignments needed in any inversion and build our belief that we can!
As we practice with patience, we will tap into the fear by coming to our edge and moving forward with clarity.
We will also explore the power of Mudra (seal or gesture) as we seek a deeper understanding of the fear that rises within us and how Abhaya Mudra aids us in relinquishing that fear.
This workshop is for students with an intermediate or advanced practice. Not appropriate for beginners or those dealing with severe injuries. Contact Debra@RBYoga.com to reserve your space.