Theresa Brennan

theresa brennan
Theresa Brennan grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her generous and loving parents and four amazing sisters. She has a passion for trail running, skiing, and anything that keeps her outdoors and healthy. She was a gymnast as a young child, and has never stopped doing handstands, cartwheels, and headstands.
When asked what brought her to Yoga, Theresa shares that it was initially the physical benefits of the practice. However, despite her continued love for the physical aspect of Yoga asana, she is quick to clarify that her Yoga path has shifted over the years. Theresa speaks openly about her spiritual connection to the practice, which includes not only taking classes at Rancho Bernardo Yoga for 11 years with her husband Sean, but also daily meditation and consistent self-study. Off the mat, Yoga has helped Theresa get through difficult times, has made her more patient, conscious and at ease with who she is. Even with a full-time career at a local health media corporation, Theresa made time in 2013 to study intensively with Jeanne Stone, earning her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from RB Yoga.
Anyone who knows Theresa Brennan knows that she is intelligent and thoughtful, and she is a lot of fun. Theresa’s joyful dedication to the union of mind, body and spirit is apparent in the Intermediate Hatha Vinyasa classes that she teaches on Thursday nights at RB Yoga. Theresa recommends people who are thinking about starting a Yoga practice to enjoy whatever the practice brings you be it strength, flexibility or getting to know yourself better.