What is in your heart?

“What about my passion?” Rumi asks God. God says, “Keep it burning.” “What about my heart?” says Rumi. “Tell me what you hold inside it.” says God. “Pain and sorrow.” says Rumi. God says, “Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Sometimes our lives are in active creation, sometimes things are flowing along being sustained, and sometimes we are in a place of dissolution where we are releasing and letting go. Moment to moment this sacred process is unfolding with every breath. And through it all we are being held. Even in moments of challenge, of heartbreaking loss, even when we are courageously sitting with all that is painful and even when the benefits of this precious gift sits concealed in pain – we are held. From a Yogic perspective these are the five powers of God or the five cosmic activities: creation, maintenance, dissolution, concealment and bestowal of grace. And they are all happening all the time whether we are paying attention or not.

In times of transition, we can cling to the notion of keeping it all together even when we need to honor the fact that sometimes things fall apart. If we look closely we see the deep impulse of our hearts is to transform, to shake ourselves awake from old dreams that are holding us back, whether that is holding on to some way of being or clinging to a job or a relationship that is not useful or nurturing. In the natural tendency to embrace the urge for healing and rebirth we can miss the precious gift that lives inside that which is dying. Premature transcendence – the rush to start over or feel better – doesn’t allow for proper integration, making a shift less sustainable. This dismembering can be disguised as holy as we bypass the work we need to do and in doing so we miss the highest expression of our deepest possibility.

With feet planted on the earth, with hands to heart, listen carefully, attune to the aliveness within and feel for the impulse, the creative spark that lives inside transition. Be open to the questions burning in our hearts. For whenever we ask a question, the answer is: to know. Once we really figure this out – when we ask a question, the answer is to know – the walls come down. The veils that purposely limit our awareness, that bind our hearts, begin to loosen their grip and the grace that has stayed concealed in the pain breaks free. Darkness blesses the light. As for me, today anyway, I will try harder, care more, and let the passion in my heart burn bright as I ask the hard questions. And I will trust that I am held, held by the light that breaks through the clouds, held by the sound of the first bird who dares to sing before the light has come, held by those who against all odds speak their hearts into being. Winter is deep and dark. I will lovingly tend to seeds of hope, empathy, passion and compassion for they hold the light. Spring is coming.

Love and compassion to you wherever you find yourself in the great cosmic activities. You are not alone. It is an honor to walk beside you on this great path of awakening.

From my heart to yours,
Jeanne Stone
Rancho Bernardo Yoga

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