Cultivating Gratitude and Loving Kindness with Jenifer: Sat, November 23

Cultivating Gratitude and Loving Kindness with Jenifer Gaudren

Saturday, November 23 1-2:30 PM
Cost: $20*

Practice the cultivation of love, peace, kindness and gratitude through Metta meditation and Restorative Yoga poses. Metta is the practice of offering lovingkindness to all beings, including the self. Soften your heart and your belly, find ease, and remember you are love and gratitude. Even in the darkest of times or places, your heart has the capacity to find freedom.

This class supports and facilitates the truth of that.

Pre-registration recommended Registering online at is easy and fast or sign up at the studio. *Class series and New Student Unlimited cannot be
used for this special event.

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