Our Vision

Rancho Bernardo Yoga offers practitioners of all levels a welcoming, safe and sacred environment to support awakening and personal empowerment through the practice of Yoga.

For fifteen years Rancho Bernardo Yoga has served the local community and continues to be dedicated to the study and practice of Yoga with classes in the Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutic methods. While these forms of Yoga are physicalized practices, the postural work (asana) is merely a doorway to enter into a greater connection to self and to then actively embody these teachings in a way that can bring more light into the world.

Our desire is to bring the teachings of this powerful practice to everyone and anyone who wants it. Beginners are welcome and encouraged regardless of age, flexibility or physical prowess. One need not be physically flexible to practice Yoga, instead the intention is to work with sustained courage and balanced action in each pose. While our Hatha All Level classes are beginner friendly, if you are new or returning after a long time away from your practice the Yoga for the Back or Hatha Level 1 classes are recommended. If you are unable to move from the floor to standing and back to the floor without assistance you must call us so we can arrange a private class for your safety and the safety of those around you.

The practice of Yoga makes us physically and mentally stronger, more flexible and courageous. Yoga invites us to become aware of our thoughts, our words, our actions and the impact they have. Yoga makes us more aware of the quality of our breath, our balance, our imbalances, our impulses and our reactions. This practice inspires us to move deeper into our hearts and invites us to become more skillful in the artistry of our lives off the mat. The practice of Yoga itself will provoke us, test us and challenge us and because of this we do not need to overheat the room, nor will we force you into postures or force you to stay in postures. We practice in a group to harness the group energy to inspire us, to lift us up, not to compete or compare. Through community we create a greater possibility for awakening.

The teachers have all been carefully chosen for their amazing, steady hearts and their commitment to be of service. Our teachers do not have public relation specialists, we don’t claim magical powers, we do not levitate, and we don’t claim to magically heal all that ails you. We will however hold space for you as you courageously break open to the beauty, magnificence and peace that is within you.

We are a locally owned and operated studio, not part of a chain and we have no corporate investors. Our vision is not about building a Yoga Empire. Our growth from the beginning has been and will continue to be organic and sustainable with a clear intention to be of service.  To be a Yoga home where the teacher knows your name.  Where the generosity of long time students is offered to someone new, to help them feel comfortable and welcome. One heart at a time we have committed to create a safe space where you are invited to take refuge in the soft place within and find a little more freedom, more strength, more awareness and insight.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

With love from our family to yours,

Jeanne, Mark, Otis and Ellie Mae