New Classes! Tuesdays 12:15pm Deep Healing with Jenifer and 6:30pm Divine Flow Lev 2 with Becky

New Classes just added:
Tuesday 12:15-1:15pm Deep Healing with Jenifer
Join us for this gentle, meditative practice using bolsters and blankets to help the body relax into fully restorative poses. In these longer held poses (5-10 min each) Jenifer will incorporate Reiki and healing touch. In this practice we establish a deep calm and the body begins to heal, leaving you feeling peaceful, renewed, and well. All Levels are welcome! Sign Up!
Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm Divine Flow Level 2 with Becky
This is a dynamic Vinyasa class where you will explore creative sequences of powerful standing postures, arm balances, twists, back bends and hip openers. Working towards strength of body and mind, breath and movement are synchronized to build heat, balance the nervous system and revitalize the body. Be prepared to have fun, be challenged, and explore your practice in a new way. Not appropriate for beginners. While there is still attention to proper alignment, it is assumed students have an understanding of foundational postural alignment. Sign Up!
Classes come off your regular series or $17 drop in applies. Signing up online is easy, fast and recommended.

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