New Year’s Eve – a message from the heart

Sending you Love on this last day of 2018. Thank you for sharing your sacred stories of pain and loss and joy and triumph and for reminding me of the courage, bravery and ever expansive and depth that is the human heart.

Finding the deep resonance of our heart and amplifying that voice can feel risky. Thank you for helping me remember what matters most and for inspiring me to get up and try again, over and over again. Thank you for reminding me that to lean on the power of this practice means transcending fantasies of always having everything figured out. And to maybe even transcend the idea of “letting go of that which no longer serves” and instead being willing to sit with all that is, no matter how uncomfortable, for as long as it takes. Awakening is being a reliable and trustworthy friend to ourselves, it is a deep longing to know the truth of who we are, and to become strong enough to walk with an open heart. So we come to our mats, to move and to breathe, to see where we are holding, where we are resisting, where we are strong and where we can be stronger. And along the way, Yoga teaches us how to care more deeply, to live more fully, with integrity and honesty. Have a joyful New Year’s Eve! See you in 2019!


Jeanne Stone
Rancho Bernardo Yoga

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