Welcoming 2021 with Shraddha and Astikya – the power of Trust and Faith

How can we trust and rest amidst so much uncertainty? How do we trust in a time of social, political unrest, a global pandemic that hasn’t loosened it’s grip on our health, our fears, our economic troubles? How can one trust?
Ultimately, we must all decide what that means for ourselves. But it is worth the inquiry if we are up for the task.
When I turn to what is alive within me, feel into the sensations of my body I access an honesty that doesn’t fail. This I can trust. When I let my attention drop into my heart and I listen with humility and courage to the silent presence within, this too I can trust. This is Shraddha – deep abiding trust. Deep abiding trust – shraddha- gives way to Faith (Astikya).  Some might say without Astikya – Faith – true awakening isn’t possible and Yoga itself is nothing more than a hobby. Don’t get me wrong, if you have to have a hobby, Yoga is a good one. And also, don’t get me wrong when I say Faith I don’t mean it in a blind faith kind of way. We all know how our beliefs can impede our connection with Truth.
Perhaps true self realization or actualization comes from a deep, underlying Faith in someone or something greater.
In the halls of recovery we state this premise – “we came to believe in a power greater than ourselves…”
With an open heart, I welcome 2021 to show me truth of who I really am, to be a source of strength for my family, and to embrace this life and to give myself fully to beauty and intensity and vulnerability of this moment.

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