Winter’s Dream: 3 week series with Jenifer starts January 12, 2019

Give yourself permission to relax into your TRUE SELF and dream. Using meditation, restorative poses, and the shamanic journey, we honor the body, the mind, and the spirit as it connects to the winter season. In this three week series, you will look deeper within, acknowledging the shadow self. Discover the dream, the intention, that is waiting to be acknowledged within you. Begin to bring awareness to the dream to prepare for spring. Like the seed buried in the dark earth, we dream ourselves into being. We dream of reaching to the light, coming into our full hearts and understanding the meaning of balance in the present moment; We dream in order to grow into our most genuine selves. In this way, we have a complete understanding of our heart and are able to stand fully in our power as we move towards the light of spring.

Week 1, January 12, 2018 – Meeting your SELF – Introduction to and practice of Deep Healing Yoga and Shamanic Techniques. How can you benefit from these teachings and skills?

Week 2, January 19, 2018 – Where are you in the dream? Who are you in the dream? Meditation/Journey, Deep Healing Practice, Reflection and Journaling

Week 3, January 26, 2018 – What is the dream? Healing your SELF, stepping forward into gratitude. Deep Healing poses, Meditation/Journey to begin to open up to the light. Final Ceremony

Cost: $150. Space is limited for this special event. Registration required. for information or to apply email Due to the special nature of this class, refunds and class conversions are not available. Thank you for your understanding.

Please bring:
Yoga mat
A journal, or paper
Any sacred objects or power pieces you would like to have with you as you come into this practice.
Socks (your feet may get chilly)

Jenifer Gaudren is a massage therapist, holistic nutrition consultant, Therapeutic Yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and shamanic healing practitioner. She is a graduate of the School of Healing Arts, San Diego, CA. She holds a certificate of medical massage from the LMT Success Group. She is licensed by the state of California and certified by the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Jenifer is trained in many therapeutic bodywork modalities, including medical massage, therapeutic yoga, reiki and shamanic journeywork. She utilizes many techniques in order to best facilitate healing in each person she works with. Each session is based on the intention of the client so they may find balance, both physically and emotionally. Jenifer believes that balance can be achieved by everyone, and loves to contribute to the healing journey of others. She values and strives for integrity and grace. She enjoys being in nature, running and hiking.

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