Awakened Living – Sundays, 2-3:30 pm October 11, 18, 25, & November 1

This 4-week program will help you define a personal vision and gather wellness plans designed to give you tools to more fully connect with a deeper conscious and spiritual life. We will bravely explore the ways in which our daily lives are in conflict with our deepest hearts intentions.

The Awakened Living session will be offered to a small group of people as we explore a life wellness plan together. This is not an asana class. There will be meditation, pranayama (breath focus), activities to journal and collage, safe group sharing, exercises to define each week’s goals, and an expanded personal vision.

To participate you must be willing to commit to each weekly Awakened Living session, practice yoga at least once a week, approach the work of defining weekly goals with an open heart and attitude while holding compassion for self and others.
Investment is $100. Registration and PrePayment are required. Please call 858-675-0673 or email to reserve your space.

“I really appreciate that you have offered this Awakened Living workshop. It’s nice to attend a studio that embraces a holistic approach to yoga. It seems there is a tendency to get wound around just doing the poses and neglect the other aspects of our life. This workshop helped me to not only think about how to live life, but to live MY life. Since the class, there has also been a change in how I experience the poses.” John B

“This class was just what I needed to further me along my life’s journey. The tools and focus learned from the class are helping me to increase my spiritual awareness off the mat” Julie W.

“Awakened LIving was amazing experience that gave me the tools to become more focused and happy in my life. Each week Sarah gently guided us in meaningful activities that led to self discoveries of a life purpose and goals to reach it. This was really a life changing class!” Joan B.

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