Fall: Harbingers of Change

September is a great time of reset, of renewal and change. A new school year, days and nights becoming cooler, we feel a small hint of autumn in the air. Small harbingers of change as summer’s end gives rise to fall’s beginning. Our collective moment is filled with change, chaos, burning and uncertainty. If we widen the context to see the chaos, burning, and uncertainty is being held. We are being held by order, with clarity and love. Cultivating an inner practice invites us to expand our perspective to include the sacred dance of light and dark.
Even as we experience resistance, some part of us knows that change holds a mystery, buried like a hidden treasure. Vulnerability is the key to unlock this treasure. To go deep and face these new and different challenges with vulnerability.
Fall can feel like so much is passing and precious as we consider what we have done, as well as what we haven’t. Mistakes are compost for successes. Falling short is part of the harvest. With a soft and curious heart we look back at the messes we made. To grow in our next project we have to turn our mistakes into offerings.
Through vulnerability, embracing our humanity, we offer it all, we turn it ALL over with compassion into the soil. And instead of seeing only what is lost, see what is left, what we have been given, what we keep. That we can trust. That can sustain us. Give it a place on the altar of your heart, polished, clean, and glorious for it is most dearly achieved and hard earned.
Fall blessings,

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