Staying Connected with our Community during COVID-19

How are you? Every day I wake up grateful for a new day, grateful to have a home, grateful for my health, grateful for my husband and two very sloppy Newfoundlands that love a world where Mark and I are home all day. I’m grateful my Mom is safe and isn’t sick and has what she needs. Then the names and faces of so many of you that I have met through the years, many that just a couple weeks ago we shared a part of our day, week together. I think of all the people that I have interacted with in class, before the next class begins, or after a class has ended. Which then usually makes me think of your children, your parents, your partners, your sisters and broyour pets, some I have met over the years or at least have heard about from you. I think about your commitment to the things that matter to you, your courage in the tough times, the kindness and gentleness you have extended to me in my tough times.

I hope you are reaching out and creating connections with the networks of people that support you, ground you, and bring you comfort and I hope those ties are strengthening in the face of all this. I hope you are finding inner resources to help you through this time. I hope you are finding you have more capacity and more resiliency than you ever thought possible before all this began. I hope you are still finding time to breathe deeply, to center, to be with your own heart and maybe all those hours, days, months, years on your yoga mat is helping you move and stretch and reach and twist and bend backward and forward and to feel all that is alive and precious within you. 

Now more than ever the world needs your light, your strength, your courage, your kindness and your empathy.

Keep the faith.

Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.



Rancho Bernardo Yoga is a sanctuary dedicated to service, to the path of love, and our collective awakening. With this mission never more alive in my heart, the best course of action right now is to do everything we can to #flattenthecurve. Effective immediately we will be pausing all in person gatherings until it is appropriate to come together again. I feel this is the right, ethical response to this challenging time.

Now we are invited – together – into our shared humanity, to slow down, go inside, and be present and get curious about our immediate embodied experience. Pause right now, connect with where we are right now. Let’s connect with our breath, the sensations rising in our bodies, connect with our authentic feelings and become aware of this precious, present moment. If there is an opportunity amidst this unprecedented time, maybe it is to meet uncertainty, groundlessness, fear and anxiety with a soft, open, compassionate and kind heart. From that place, let’s respond skillfully and offer a prayer of hope and healing to all people everywhere, all over this planet that they too may find a way to connect with their hearts.
We are in this together.
Reach out to me, let me know how you are doing.
With great love and deep honor,
Jeanne Stone
Rancho Bernardo Yoga

**The following was sent to the community last week. As you know, things are changing rapdidly and we have already started having class cancellations. If you are over 65 whether you are symptomatic or not, or if you chronically ill the Governor has called for you to remain at home. 

Notice to Community last week:
I hope you, your family, and your friends and neighbors are all well during this chaotic time. 
The power of community and having a dedicated space to practice and to support each other during stressful times is physically, emotionally and mentally beneficial. In the moments where we find ourselves lost, under a cascading waterfall of thoughts, feeling the ground of our experience giving way under our feet – Yoga invites us to see there is an aliveness in this fragility and it is our divine right to slow down and turn to our senses. It is easy to get lost, to numb out or, on the other end, to identify with our fears. This is the miracle of our minds. But we can also pause and connect to our felt sense awareness, to our somatic awareness. What are we seeing with our eyes, hearing with our ears, what is the precious felt sense awareness in our belly, throat, and chest? It is a sacred game of lost and found, hide and seek.
How we choose to navigate this challenging time is something we all have to decide for ourselves. I am taking several steps. Of course, this is a dynamic situation and as things change this may also change. 
What I am doing and encouraging all teachers to do:
  • Increasing the frequency and measures of cleaning at the studio.
  • Disinfecting all door handles, light switches, keyboards, iPad, etc. before and after class.
  • Offering sequences that are not prop dependent.
  • Be prudent with hands-on adjustments and instead trying to connect with students with my words, my eyes, and my heart.
What I encourage students to do:
  • You are always welcome and encouraged to bring your own mat and props.
  • If you choose to use our props: you are encouraged to use the provided disinfectant to wipe down blocks and strap handles before and after use. You can also bring a towel and place it between your face and the mat/bolster.
  • To avoid checking in on the iPad at the front desk, use the Rancho Bernardo Yoga, LLC app to register for classes. You can download it free from the Apple and Android app stores.
  • If you want classes that provide more social distancing this a great time for you try different classes/teachers.
My intention for opening a Yoga studio 15 years ago remains the same: To be a welcoming and safe haven from life’s greatest challenges and difficulties. To have a place where we can come to slow down, to reconnect, to build our capacity, our resiliency, and to respond skillfully with strength, courage, kindness, empathy and compassion. 
For those of you that feel the measures I am implementing do not meet an acceptable level of risk, I am inviting you to practice at home. Let me know how you are doing. Be safe, stay informed, know the facts, but we probably won’t find peace in the news, that can only be sought in our hearts.
We are here for you. 
As my beloved Grandmother always said: Take care of yourself and take care of each other.
Love and Respect,

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