This is Why We Should Care

Thank every single one of you that have reached out to me, to share your heartbreak, your dreams of a better world, your strength and your pain. I hold your magnificence in my heart as a prayer.

We have a lot of healing and work ahead of us, one breath at a time, one heart at a time. I welcome you to contact me where we can share space in which we find ourselves.

Now more than ever we need our practice – please practice. Move, breathe, heal, create a holding environment that connects you to your strength and resilience. Don’t let the horror of all that is happening get stuck in your precious body.

For now, I am shutting the @%$! up and listening and trying to really learn and understand the systemic, longstanding patterns and legacy of racism, abuse and oppression that our country is founded on. I will welcome my sadness and grief as sacred guests. They are trying to shake me out of my complacency, ignorance and apathy.

Here is one of the many voices who is saying something important in the midst of all the excruciating noise, by Ryan Holiday:

This is helping me to uncover and begin to dismantle my own unhelpful defenses that participate unconsciously in systematic rascism. By Sociologist and Author of White Fragility – Dr. Robin DiAngelo:

Donate to support the movement and Black Live Matters’ ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.:

The time is NOW, NOW, NOW,


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